Featured CoPromoter of the Week: Digital Tour Bus

Have you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at your favorite bands? Josh from Digital Tour Bus has you covered, with his web shows Bus Invaders, Dream Tour, and many other video series. With a fan base of over 45,000 on YouTube and over 120,000 on Twitter, Digital Tour Bus is a great way for fans and band members to connect outside the music. Check out the interview we had with Josh, and his favorite tour moment featuring Matchbox Twenty!

  1. What kind of creator are you?

I am primarily a video creator, but I also do blog style and news content as well. Digital Tour Bus is what I create all of my content for. Our site is best known for our video series, Bus Invaders, which takes fans inside the buses of their favorite touring bands, but we also have other web video series, including: Cooking at 65mph, Crazy Tour Stories, Dream Tour, Preshow Rituals, The Life of Tour, Tour Pranks and Tour Tips (Top 5).

  1. What inspired you to go on tour with bands and film it?

I don’t actually go on tour with bands. We just schedule time to film our various features with them when their tour hits our area. We mainly film in the Chicago area, but we have filmed in Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, Des Moines and a handful of other cities in the past. My inspiration to do this was primarily based on my curiosity about bands and how they tour. So, when I was in my first year of college, I came up the idea for the site and decided to roll with it. Six years later and the site is still going strong.

  1. How do you use CoPromote?

I use CoPromote to help Digital Tour Bus highlight different episodes of our various series that I think a wider audience would enjoy. So, by getting other CoPromoters to share our content, we are reaching a whole new audience, who will hopefully enjoy what we do!

  1. Have you found anybody on CoPromote whose work you really like?

This is a hard question because I’ve run into so many talented CoPromoters and it’s hard to recall all of their names, but I’m very picky with what I share onto our accounts. So, the posts we choose the share is content we stand behind.

  1. Funniest story/incident?

This is also a tough question because so many weird things happen while shooting our videos that it’s hard to recall a single instance. I can recall a very “surreal” experience I had a few years back when I filmed with Matchbox Twenty. They are, to date, the biggest band I’ve ever worked with, so that is surreal to begin with, but where it gets even better is that when I pulled up to the backstage entrance to the venue (that they had sold out that night, 18 thousand people) they had my name on a list and a parking spot waiting for me. Then, once the band finished sound checking, lead guitarist Kyle Cook, walked up to me and asked if I was the tour bus guy. He was such a nice guy that it outweighs so many of the not so nice people I’ve come across. He gave me more time than I needed to film everything and we chatted for a while before and after the shoot about DTB, the tour, his record label and a variety of other topics.


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