Earn N4,500 Daily Direct To Your Bank Account, From the Comfort Of Your Home, With Your Mobile Phone.

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What Is Direct Bank Saver, And How Does It Works ?


DirectBankSaver is an existing offline and Online product of Direct Bank Associate, a product of a duly registered company in Nigeria with physical address in Lagos.

DirectBankSaver Offline:

DirectBankSaver is a service driven community initiative for the Empowerment of her members. DirectBankSaver Empowers through a number of channels including commercial business development loans, the DBS affiliate business Magento saver and DBS affiliate business premium saver. As an evolving and dynamic team, DirectBankSaver have served market women and youths in Lagos, Benin, Akure, Lokoja and Jos in an offline mode through group membership subscriptions by paying collective member groups in the DBS Empower service using small DBS groups called the DBS Empower Family.

DirectBankSaver Online:

In 2014 DirectBankSaver Decided to bare her experience in promoting group-centered SMEs of the economy on the national front, through their new portal launched online in 2014. To permit nationwide financial access to grants and benefactors running synchronously on DBS growing subscriber based-portal.

In addition, rather than running training services, products, loans and acquisition in groups, the payment system has been decentralized and individuals was able to earn directly and immediately from their front-line business into their bank accounts Automatically 

Do you have N5,500 now and want to earn some extra income? Invest with only One Time Payment of N5,500, and Start getting  Deposited Alert of N4,500 on your Phone From you Bank, whenever you Refer person to Invest N5,500 too.

  1.  Earn N4,000 instantly to your bank account per prospect from your DBS affiliate ID.
  2. Receive all cash rewards payments directly to your bank account every day at 3:45pm.
  3. Also, earn a yearly recurrent annual income of N12,000 on your project account balance being a subscribed member of DB

Other Incentives:

  • DBS sponsored down payment offer for Members for fast purchase tracking at the DBS owned Membership Estate at Imota, Ikorodu paid annually from your aggregated account balance pool.
  • Borrow upto N500,000 business development fund from us as a DBS affiliate aggregator pro.
  • Borrow upto N40,000 petty trading fund from us as a DBS affiliate developer pro.

DirectBankSaver is registered by The Federal Government as a service and product driven community project for empowering DBS subscribers.

Enjoy financial freedom. Benefit from the DBS smal business development program, and the Governing Council Support of the IDE/DBS funding partner!

To get started, You will require a Subscriber Marketing ID  to continue, type in   :Simeh in the space, and you are good to go.

Click Here To Register Simeh is your Access Code

For further questions: call or WhatsApp me: 08060366379 or email: sly4life25@gmail.com ,twitter @sly4lif41 facebook.com/sly4life Skype : sly4life25

 The Man Behind Direct Bank Saver!

Mr. Christain Ane MBA, is one of the directors of DBA, a duly registered company in Nigeria. He is a chartered accountant by profession and has been in business for over 15 years specialing in importation, exportation, production and distribution of household and office paraphernalia, and pharmaceuticals. DBS was an idea he nursed for many years and finally met with other professionals who assisted in giving birth to it in 2014. He also recently added financial services and e-technologies to his expanding empire, championing and owning some of the most robust business digital platforms including DGMestro, CRM plus, Transfer Binary and Affiliate pro and SPplus that has helped in decentralising payments system and administration which gave birth to this DBS Marketing portal. Mr Christain Ane MBA, has been pressured to bring his business model and platform by major marketers online, so that the average Nigerian can be empowered. For the numerous friends and business partners who kown him, they simply call him ‘Chief Chris’-Owan.


About Sylvester

The world will always give you the opportunity to quit. In trying times, too many people quit trying. One of the most powerful success principles ever preach is: Never Give Up!
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