Niger Delta Avengers, You are Doing Your People More Harm Than Good, Because your Pipeline Destruction can never Affect Aso Rock Electricity.

Niger Delta Avengers, You are Doing Your People More Harm Than Good, Because your Pipeline Destruction can never Affect Aso Rock Electricity.

But the live of your people is in Jeopardy. No fish in the river, farmland destroyed, your fresh waters polluted, no investors.

Who Suffers?

To keep to our promise, the three (3) days ultimatum given to Chief Government Ekpemupolo has elapsed and he fail to apologize to the Niger Delta Avengers, at 2200hours Thursday, May 5, 2016, our strike team 4 hit the Nigerian National Petroleum Coperation (NNPC) crude and gas lines

The Crude line feeds the Warri and Kaduna refineries respectively, while the gas line feeds the Lagos and Abuja electricity power supply. With this development the Warri and Kaduna refineries will be shut down and all cities that depends on the gas line for power will all be in total darkness like the creeks of the Niger Delta.

In same vein, the Niger Delta Avengers strike team 7 at same time 2200hours Thursday, May 5, 2016, blew up Well D25 in Abiteye. A major gas Well belonging to Chevron. And also blow up major pipe lines to effectively put the Abiteye, Alero, Dibi, Otunana and Makaraba flow stations that feed the Chevron tank farm out of operation. As at now Chevron operation in the Niger Delta is zero.

Located some 100meters away from the blast Nigerian National Petroleum Coperation (NNPC) pipeline is a Military houseboat stationed there, to protect the oil pipelines. But we want you public to know that despite the heavy present of Military operatives our activities can’t be stop and it just waste of fund and time to let the Nigeria military protect oil installations.

This is a clear warning to the all Niger Delta Politicians, Traditional rulers, Community leaders, and the likes of Tompolo to mind their business and leave the liberation of the Niger delta people to the Avengers. Those who believes taking sides with federal government to fight Niger Deltans is the best option. Avengers are here on ground, neither you nor the federal government can stop us. If you don’t stay clear and let us to carry out our activities we will bring the fight to your individual doorsteps. Our major goal is to cripple the Nigeria economy.

We are using this medium to ask all Niger Deltans to take the war to all oil installations in their various communities because this is your war.


Failing to heed to our demands, the Nigeria state is seeing what is happening to Chevron and Shell, the Nigerian elites will suffer in same vein. Know that Chevron and Shell is just the beginning

If the International oil companies and federal government of Nigeria thinks the Niger Delta Avengers are criminal as they claim and fails to meet our demands. The Niger Delta Avengers are going to activate its elite unit THE NIGER DELTA AIR FORCE code name strike team 1. The International Oil Companies will be our first target, all oil facilities including their offshore platforms eg Bonga Fpso, EA field and their tank farms such as Bonny tank farm, Escravos tank farm and Forcados tank farm.

To the Nigeria military we understand you doing your job but in the process of doing your job remember you have family back home waiting for your return. The questions you have to ask yourselves are; does the Nigeria state worth it your life? Does the Nigeria state worth dying for?

Some of you are our brothers avoiding you is not sign of being lazy. If you dare harass our people we are going to face you. Especially, if you harass any community in search of Avengers. We will come after you and its going to be bloody and merciless

We are the Niger Delta avengers you (Nigeria Military) are not going to see us coming but we will get you.

Col. Mudoch Agbinibo

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Chevron Platform Blown

At about 10:40pm on Wednesday the Niger Delta Avengers blow up the Chevron valve platform. This platform is the most significant platform for chevron because it’s the main connecting point where all other platforms linked up and it’s a fulcrum to chevron BOP and the Chevron Tank farm.. With the valve platform blown all chevron activities are now halted.

This is what we promised the Nigeria Government that since they refuse to listen to us we are going to zero the economy of the country.

As for zeroing the Nigeria economy we the Niger delta avengers is done with delta state major oil installations. Now we are taking the fight out of the creeks of the Niger Delta. We are taking it to Abuja and Lagos now.

We want to pass this message to the all international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta that the Nigeria Military cant protect you facilities. They should talk to the federal government to meet our demands else more mishaps will befall their installations.

And to the Military we are the masters of the creek and its time for you to admit you don’t understand the terrain. Making it impossible for the Nigeria military to stop the activities of the Niger Delta avengers.

Not until, our demands are met no repair works should be done at the blast site. Whoever that is going there for any repair work will be doing that at their detriment.

The high command of the Niger Delta Avengers wants to use this medium to thank strike team 6 for successfully blowing up of the chevron valve platform. And we are ready to protect the Niger Delta people.

Col. Madoch Agbinibo
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It has been brought to our notice of the press release by High Chief Government Ekpemupolo (Tompolo) in page 30 of the Vanguard Newspaper of Tuesday 3rd march 2016 where he wrote “it is imperative to state unequivocally that I do not have link with this new militant group…” he went ahead to “appeal to the serving companies to go about their normal operations, particularly the repair of the Forcados 48-inch pipeline which is very key to the economic stability of our country”.

With due respect Sir. We the Niger Delta Avengers respect you and all former agitators from the region. We admire your love for the region and all you have done.

The Niger Delta Avengers made it clear that we are not part of the Presidential Amnesty programme because the programme is not genuine. We the Niger Delta Avengers have only decided to pick the struggle up from where you and the former Niger Delta agitators left off; it is only the actors that are new. You are not one of us and you need not border yourself to try to convince anyone.

As a result, if you can’t join us (Niger Delta Avenger) PLEASE take your hands off our activities because it’s a slap on our face for you to give a nod for repair works to continue on the 48-inch pipeline at Forcados despite a stern warning by us for no one to go near the blast site.

Come to think of it, when the maritime university in Okerenkoko was awarded and approved by the immediate past president only for Buhari led Government to cancel it. When he did so, did any of the Northerner Elites such as Emirs, former Northerner Vice Presidents, and former Northerner Presidents say a word or question their fellow northerner for doing such an unspeakable harm to the Niger Deltans? So how can Chief Government Ekpemupolo undermined the Niger Delta avengers and as work to go on the 48-inch pipeline at forcados.

We hereby give you a three days ultimatum to apologize to Niger Delta Avengers in the same national dailies as anything other than that will mean that, we shall bring the war to your doorstep by blowing up all oil installations within your backyard (Gbaramatu Kingdom). Since you have taken side with the Federal government to fight the Niger Delta people.

We are however advising you to stir clear of our battle with the federal government; it is better you stay mute over our activities if you can’t support us Please take your eyes off our activities.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The recent happenings in the country is clear eye opener to how the Nigeria state has derailed and its heading to nowhere. A country where those in power over look the main reasons why they were voted into power. That has showed how self centered and selfish the people we look up to as leaders in the country.

When they(politicians) are elected or appointed into any political office. Their primary aim is to enrich themselves and influence infrastructural projects to their region. Clear example is the present administration where Fulani herdsmen whom are the kinsmen of President Buhari are above the law despite the killing and atrocities they have committed against farmers in the south and middle belt but the president can give a shoot on sight directive to military against the peaceful protest of the Indigenous people of Biafra. Other one is the 2016 budget where nearly all the major projects are channeled to the North even though the creeks of the Niger delta are in dear need of development to improve the standard of living.
The allocation of mining license is other crime this country is committing against its Niger Deltans. Where 80% of the oil blocs are allocated to northerners and the rest 20% is spread among the Easterners and westerners. THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE NIGER DELTA.

The duty of the Nigeria military is to protect Territorial integrity of Nigeria but instead the reverse is the case, Where politicians use them(Military) as thugs. Clear example is the Bayelse state governorship election, River state federal and state house of Assembly election. Where soldiers and other security agencies are more interested in the money given to them by the politicians. As a result whenever there is change in the military high command instead of them to focus on their duty all they do is to joggle or make their way to Niger Delta region to make money for themselves and then forgetting their primary duty. Most of the top ranked military officers in this country are billionaires because they are out to make money for themselves by interweaving themselves with pipeline vandalizers and crude oil thieves.

After looking at all these injustices and devilish acts going on in Nigeria the Niger Delta Avengers concludes that nobody is loyal to this entity called Nigeria instead, we are insisting that the entity called Nigeria should break up and lets the South, East, West and North be govern by their own.

Immediate past president Jonathan Goodluck is the only leader who believes in the unity of the Nation. He was deceived that the enity called Nigeria can be still be saved. He wasn’t after channeling infrastructural projects to his people the Niger Deltans despite they are in dead need of infrastructural and human capital development. A man who was there to serve, he wasn’t after his own people but for the betterment and togetherness of this country Nigeria.

If President Buhari can emulate the nationalist ideology of his predecessor, which we know is impossible because the shoe is too big for him. The nation won’t be having economic crisis, there won’t be pipeline vandalization, and our best brains won’t be seeking greener pasture oversees.

The present administration infringe on the fundamental human rights of its citizens with impunity with no respect for the constitution of the country. What kind of government treats her citizens like that?
The present administration has no respect for the constitution of the federation and run the country as if we in military regime. No freedom of speech, incarceration of innocent citizens and those against the government policies in the name of fighting corruption.

The Niger Delta has been neglected for more than 50 years which gave birth to the arm struggle in the region but after the proclamation of the the presidential amnesty to all agitators by President Umaru Musa Yara- duha little or none has been done about the Niger delta in terms of human capital development, infrastructural development, youth empowerment/educational infrastructure. The truth is, nothing has been done about the Niger delta. Niger Delta Development commission (NDDC) that has the statutory mandate to develop the region is cash cow for the northerner and their southern political counterparts. The Niger delta region to the Nigerian government is like forbidding region as stated by one of our own, the minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi. that no parents will send their ward to school in the Niger Delta. A reason why the President Buhari led Administration cancelled the Nigeria Maritime University Okerenkoko. Forgetting university of Port Harcourt he graduated from is sited in the Niger Delta.he is from a poor background like most other Niger Deltans but was able to attend university because it was sitedin his community so why depriving other people from the region to benefit like he did? What a shame!

After a critical analysis and evaluation of the present happenings we come to a conclusion that, despite the president’s age and his cluelessness. He should call for a sovereign national conference. Where citizens from all regions will part take freely and decides whether the entity Nigeria should remain or break up WITHOUT PULLING A TRIGGER.

There was a country called Nigeria that was put together by Sir Lord Luggard but that country died since 1966 and since then what we have is a divided country that is under the control of watch of greedy and self-centered persons.

The Niger delta avengers high command, which comprises of agitators from all ethnic groups in the Niger Delta, has concluded that if the president fails to hear our voice and refuse to call for the sovereign national conference. We will ensure its happens or we will employ our second option by crippling the economy of the country. We won’t stop at that but dead ready to take the fight out of the creeks and take it to cities like Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt just to name a few. And Avengers are not interested in taking innocent lives, but we will defend territory and ourselves .
To our brothers in the Nigeria Military we can still welcome you back home with open arms but don’t think we will spare you if you attack us.

To the United State and all permanent members of the United Nation security councils, you don’t have to wait for Syria and Libya to happen before you intervene since Nigeria is already a failed state.
To all multinationals operating in the Niger delta the harms you have done to the region with your flaring, spillage and enslaving of the people enough is enough. We want you to have a rethink and do the right thing.

The Niger Delta Avengers are not Boko Haram, we are not ISIS, all we are asking for is a better living for the people of the Niger Delta and self-determination that is to govern ourself. We will soon rise our flag and name our interim ruling Council.
We calling all Nigerians to come out and support this cause.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Niger Delta Avengers won’t sit back and watch as things continue to go from bad to worse in the region. THE Nigeria Naval officers mandated to escort Petroleum tankers into the creeks of the region should do so peacefully and cease from harassing the innocent people that goes about doing their routine fishing, traveling and business activities in the creeks.

We are calling on all international and local shipowners, Nigeria Port Authority (NPA), and the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) to sternly warn the Naval operatives attached to such vessels to focus on their assigned duty and desist from using same as an excuse to harass and molest innocent citizens except that it is part of the directive from the federal government to them to harass, molest and kill our people on a daily basis.

It is no longer news that a Nigerian Naval officer shot dead an innocent man only a few weeks ago. The daily unlawful acts of naval operatives has invoked an undue tension on the peace-loving people of the Niger Delta as they are scared of going about their daily legal activities in the creeks for fear of being harassed by security operatives.

Niger Deltans have suffered enough from the federal government’s repeatedly ill-advised policies so adding to the hardship of the people won’t be welcomed by Niger Delta Avengers because we are out there to fight for the liberation of the region.

We do not welcome the stoppage of 200HP outboard engines routing the Niger Delta Creeks. Niger Deltans are peace-loving people. With the present situation of the country it’s inhumane to stop the 200Hp to be used in the region. Fast cars have not been stopped in the country despite the high rate of robbery in the country with same neither has Toyota Hilux and motorcycles been banned in the North East when it is a documented fact that they are the operational tools of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

We are hereby calling on the Nigerian Navy to desist from such unlawful acts and recede the call for the ban on 200HP outboard engines as refusal to heed this warning of ours will spun us to declare a war on the Nigerian Naval Force. This war will aide us achieve nothing but expose the Nigerian Navy to the biggest embarrassment in the history of the force. It is also a promise from us that we shall make the waterways unsafe for any vessel or petroleum tanker if you fails to listen to our warning and still go about harassing and killing our people in the guise of escorting vessels along the Niger Delta creeks. Come for us if you are not scared and stop harassing the of innocent people in Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, and Ondo.

A word they said is enough for the wise.

Col.Mudoch Agbinibo
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The recent proclamation of the federal government to bombard the people of the Niger Delta as stated in Beijing China is a clear indicator that President Buhari and his Northern brothers led government scales the oil in the Niger Delta far more important than the lives of the Niger Deltans. Few days ago the vice president and the Governor of delta state visited the Forcados terminal to inspect the SPDC 48 inches export pipeline we (Niger Delta Avengers) blew up and they never care to see for themselves what the natives (Ogulagha people) the host community are going through in the hands of SPDC as a result of the oil and gas exploration for decades. Ogulagha community is just one such case across the Niger Delta.

For the federal Government to send the both Ministers of Environment and the Vice president to Visit the Forcados Terminal after the Bombing of the Export pipeline clearly shows how important that place is to the federal government. The mind-blowing question here is how about the people of the community?

Bonny exporting Terminal and the Bonny Island in River State, Chevron and Ugborodo community in Delta State. These mentioned places are heart beat of Nigeria Economy but they all facing same hardship as the Ogulagha community which host the Forcados Terminal.

It is a slight on our struggle and quite embarrassing for Mr. President to liken us to his kinsmen (Boko Haram) who are hell bent on swimming in innocent blood until they Islamize the nation. It is demonic of a President who has remained silent over the inhumane and barbaric activities of the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world (the Fulani Herdsmen) who ransack communities on a daily basis and commit pogrom by attempting to wipe out people from their various communities across the nation and use pipeline vandalism as an excuse to bombard the Niger Delta Region. It only backs our claim that the federal government is only interested in the oil and not the wellbeing of the Niger Delta people.

The struggle of the Niger Delta Avengers is a genuine affront to ensure that the Niger Delta is developed in proportions that are only measurable with the immense wealth from our region and our environment remediated to its original state. Unlike the blood tasty kinsmen of Mr. President; we take no pleasure in claiming innocent lives hence our struggle is geared toward attacking the oil installations in our region and not the people. And we shall stop at nothing until our goal is achieved.

The presidency can go ahead and setup a permanent security force as stated by the Vice President when he visited the SPDC, Forcados Terminal; we are not deterred by such threats as we are highly spirited and shall continue blowing up pipelines until the Niger Delta people are no longer marginalized by the Nigerian actors. Yes the military have sworn to lay down their lives to protect Nigeria; WE HAVE ON OUR PART SWORN TO DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT THE INTEREST OF THE NIGER DELTA PEOPLE.

Let be on the records that apart of our deliberate efforts to attract the attention of the federal government and the international community to the plight of the Niger Delta people other forms of pipeline vandalism are widely encouraged and aides by officials of the Nigerian armed forces. We want the general public to note that the Nigerian Armed Forces collects three Naira per litre of the sum accruing from the total number of barrels loaded by any vessel in all illegal bunkery activities referred to as “black oil business”. Army/Naval top officials and their foot soldiers daily carried out the said actions in the creeks of the Niger delta. As a way of advise, illegal bunkery will not stop in the Niger Delta until such bad eggs in the military are fished out. Yet the Chief of Naval Staff is declaring operation Tsare Teku instead of cleaning his house.

We are the Niger Delta Avengers; a group of educated and well-travelled individuals that are poised to take the Niger Delta struggled to a new height that has never been seen in this nation before. We are well-equipped human resources to meet this goal.

Our advice to the Chinese government and every other government that is planning to borrow the federal government of Nigeria money are all doing that at their own risk. Because there will be no liter of crude oil to service the loan deal they planning to do. This also goes to the International oil companies in the country to adhere to our warnings and advise the federal government to hid our demands, especially the development of the Niger Delta Region. That’s the only time the oil installations in our region will be safe

Col. Madoch Agbinibo.
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Monday, February 22, 2016
Clough Creek Tebidaba Agip Pipeline Manifold Blown up

As our two weeks ultimatum to the Buhari led government is about to elapse and the government deemed it fit to turn blind eye at our demands.
At about 3:30am on Friday 19th February, 2016. The Strike Team 6 one of the numerous strike teams of the Niger Delta Avengers all around the region blew up the Clough Creek Tebidaba Agip Pipeline Manifold in Bayelsa State.

This is in line with the recent displeasurable happenings in the region for which we outlined in the position and demands in an earlier post tagged “Operation Red Economy”. We are hoping this warning operation will awaken the federal government to attend to our demands as untold terror will befall the oil sector in the Niger Delta upon the elapse of our ultimatum.

To further emphasize our seriousness; we have concluded all arrangement with men positioned strategically across the region waiting for direction from our high command to unleash more of such attacks in the days and weeks ahead.

The Niger Delta Avengers will give our eyes no sleep for as long as the Buhari led administration will continue to marginalize and enslave our people.
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Friday, February 19, 2016
“When a man id denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw” Nelson Mandela.

The same can be said of the case between the people of the Niger Delta and successive government of Nigeria. it is our sincere believe that we can practice true federalism were our resources will be controlled by us and used for our own good but the reverse is the case in the Nigeria of today. where the goose that lays the golden egg is killed along with the egg.

The very same factor that brought about the Niger Delta arm struggle is fast resurfacing as the Buhari led administration os poised to exterminate the Niger Delta people for been benevolent enough to allow the nations mono-economy thrive on our oil.

We are been oppressed and pushed to the wall on various front hence we (the Niger Delta Avengers) have picked up the challenge to be the worthy outlaws this government will have to contend until the daily production of oil is reduced to zero in the Niger Delta and let use the oil of the North to run the Nigeria”s mono-economy.

The SPDC Forcados terminal is our latest casualty and there are many more to follow suit in the days and weeks ahead.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016
We are a group of young Niger Deltans who have support from other parts of Nigeria, namely Northern, Western and Eastern part of the Country.
We have watched with keen interest, the way and manner in which the president Muhammadu Buhari Led APC government runs the affairs of this country, and we not pleased with the way things are going. For instance, the so-called anti-corruption fight is directed towards perceived enemies of the government, and those that are sympathetic to former President Goodluck Jonathan. We wonder why this persecution, despite the peaceful manner Jonathan hand over government to All Progressive Congress APC. When they did not even the win the 2015 election because he was after lives of Nigerians as he saw that the APC is blood tasty.
So far the only two governorship elections that were conducted under this government were and still remain the most controversial elections in the history of this nation.
The 2016 budget that was presented to the national assembly is full of fraud, yet nobody has owned up to the frauds spotted in the budget by Nigerians and the national assembly.
The president has not deem it fit to expose and prosecute those that are behind these frauds and punish them accordingly, because, because he is neck dip in these frauds. What kind of anti-corrupt fight is this?
This is the time Nigerians need to say the truth and stand by it. There must be a revolution to deliver this country from the hands of this wicked administration now. Imagine all the appointees to the president are all his relations eg DSS, Customs, INEC, and so on. We can no longer continue like this. There is a serious and biting hunger in the land. So many persons have lost their jobs under this Buhari led administration, while his wife and children are doing party everyday in Aso Rock Villa.
We cannot continue like this. Most APC leaders and other big men are pretending as if all is well but all is not well with them. Infact, they are dying in silent. Nigerians must speak up against this Military in Democracy government. Things must be done in the right way.
Therefore, we have chosen to start this revolution to free country from these vampires called APC government. We are hereby giving president Buhari two weeks ultimatum to do the following things urgently.
1. Immediate implementation of the report of the 2014 National Conference. Otherwise, this country will break-up forcefully.
2. President Buhari, the DS SSS and Timipre Sylva should apologize to the people of the Niger Delta region and family of Late Chief DSP Alamieyesegha for killing him with intimidation and harassment because of his party affiliation.
3. The ownership of oil blocks must reflect 60% for the oil producing people and 40% for the non-oil producing people.
4. The only Nigerian Maritime University sited in the most appropriate and befitting place Okerenkoko must start the 2015/2016 academic session immediately.
5. The minister of transportation, Mr Rotimi Amechi should apologize to the Ijaws and the entire Niger Delta people for his careless and reckless statement about the siting of the University.
6. The Ogoniland and indeed ll oil polluted lands in the Niger Delta must be cleaned up and compensation be paid to all oil producing communities.
7. Mr Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB must be released unconditionally as the court said.
8. The Niger Delta Amnesty programme must be well funded and let it continue to run effectively.
9. All APC members that are indicted in any corruption related cases should be made to face trial like the PDP members. Otherwise Buhari should shamefully forget about this nonsense anti-corruption fight.
10. All oil multi-nationals and foreign investors should observe this ultimatum, as their business interest in the country must be first target.
11. A word is enough for the wise.

In addition to tell the Nigeria government that we mean business at as 10:55pm on Saturday the Forcados terminal crude oil export pipeline was blown up by Niger Delta Avengers.
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Friday, February 12, 2016

In the words of Thomas Merton “Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and a much more perfect purity of conscience”.

This is the heroic labor imputed by the Niger Delta Ex-agitators when they decided to lay down their arms, which had crumbled the nations economy on the beck and call of late President Umaru Musa Yaradua on the eve of 2009. A sacrifice so heroic it restored peace to the once hostile Niger Delta and paved the way for the resurgence of our economic bloom.

The patriotic act of sacrifice by the Niger Delta agitators opened our nation up to economic surge with a tripartite staged agreement of peace building, peacemaking and peace building.

The peacemaking phase is dominated by activities to maintain order and stabilize the environment through separation of competing groups, suppression of armed groups, and securing of ceasefires. Military and hard security instruments usually dominate this phase.

This is usually followed by the peacekeeping phase where the objective is to secure political settlement and put together a politico-constitutional framework for sustainable peace in the post-conflict period. Activities in this phase include peace dialogues, commissions of enquiry, national dialogue, constitutional conferences, and mediation. The main instruments are political, psycho-social, and legal in nature.

Finally, the peace-building phase focuses on addressing structural drivers of conflict. It entails the deployment of developmental, economic, and political instruments to cement peace agreements and prevent reoccurrence of violent conflict. Key activities in this phase are those linked to economic growth and development; employment provisioning, new power and resource sharing arrangements, and reconstruction of infrastructure.

Despite the well-planned roadmap to peace in the Niger Delta successive governments have undermined the most important ingredient of peace building. As the present administration plans reintroduce the same indices that fueled the past agitation.
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