Do You Know You Can Turn Your #5,500 Capital to Over #100,000 or More Within a Month, Ask Me How.

DBS is an Investment referral program that you only need to invest JUST ONCE and keep on Earning #4,000 Each time a person you refer Register and Activate his/hers Account.


This is how DBS Works:


Go to:
By the top right hand side of the site you will see where is written: Enter DBS Subscriber ID to Continue: Simeh
After doing the above, you’ll then have access to the main page of the site.
To register, please scroll down and you’ll see this: Click Here Now To Start Registration Process.

Click there and you’ll see the Login Details
Skip that since you are yet to become a subscriber.
Click on Click Here To Register
You’ll then see a form to fill.
After filling the form, click on Register.
And that’s for the registration process.
The Payment Method
DBS Account Details:
Account Name: Direct Business Associate
Bank Name: Wema Bank Plc
Account Number: 0122518292
Bank Name: FBN 2028773696

NOTE: Please kindly use your new registered DBS affiliate ID as name of depositor on the deposit slip if making payment for new registration and ensure you enroll the new ID you intend to activate online same day of payment. After payment  You send SMS only to: 08054731296 for Immediate Activation.

You can reach Sylvester on: Facebook: , Twitter: @sly4life1 Email:, WhatsApp: or Call 08060366379



About Sylvester

The world will always give you the opportunity to quit. In trying times, too many people quit trying. One of the most powerful success principles ever preach is: Never Give Up!
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