The Power Of Silence: Detox Your Inner Mind and Free Yourself from Resentment & Painful Thought.

Silence they say is Golden, But I say is the powerful force that can control anything in the world.Silence

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself.” ~Hermann Hesse

Sometimes the best conversation is just keeping silence. I enjoy my silence time more than any other time of my day. In a silence moment your intuition is more powerful and you will be connect to your Inner Mind, and that can help you resolve a difficult task, puzzle, get answer to your boning issue or problem.

The Vow of Silence:vowofsilence

Taking a “vow of silence” is one of the oldest, simplest, and most effective spiritual techniques known. By voluntarily cutting yourself off from communication with others, you quickly remove yourself from the chaos, distraction, judgments, and neuroses of the world around you. By temporarily suspending communications with others, you create a “sacred container” around you, which helps you to go within.

Keeping silence makes you peaceful. It allows you to settle into the now, because language is how our minds focus on past and future. Simply keeping silence can help you to ground, settle, and begin to feel some peace. It allows you to connect more immediately with animals, plants, and the world around you. It can even allow you to connect in a much more genuine way with certain people. Furthermore, keeping silence is incredibly simple and can be practiced by virtually anybody.
Silence is golden.

The Bible call it Meditation:


The kind of deep, concentrated thinking in which a person seriously reflects on past experiences, ponders and muses over current matters, or thoughtfully contemplates possible future events.

In order to meditate properly, a person needs to be free from distractions, alone with his thoughts, so to speak. Isaac, for example, went out walking alone in the early evening to meditate, possibly about his coming marriage to Rebekah. (Ge 24:63) It was during the solitude of the night watches that the psalmist meditated on the greatness of his Grand Creator. (Ps 63:6) The meditations of the heart should be focused on beneficial things, on Jehovah’s splendor and activities, on things pleasing to him (Ps 19:14; 49:3; 77:12; 143:5;Php 4:8), and not on the devices of the wicked.—Pr 24:1, 2.

By engaging in profitable meditation, one will not be inclined to give foolish answers. He will seriously think out these matters of importance, and as a result, the answers given will be from the heart and will not be something to regret later on.—Pr 15:28. Source: Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

The Power of Silent Prayer

man in silent prayer

For years I’ve been trying to master the art of silent prayer. Sometimes my attempts find me staring at my shoes, thinking about the work I need to be doing. Other times, when I approach prayer with an open heart, I can feel my life, attitude, and perspective changing with every second I keep my eyes closed.

Silence is difficult. It’s confusing. What, exactly, is supposed to happen while sitting for long, potentially awkward periods of time? I’m still not confident about my answer, but I can share some of my experiences.

Enough Is Enough

First, every time I enter into silent prayer it takes quite a while to get situated. I’m thinking about the endless number of tasks that need to be done at my job and my apartment. Moreover, I have special projects, blog posts, videos, and, most importantly, people I need to connect with throughout the day. My mind never shuts off, unless I put my foot down and say, Enough is enough. Entering into silent prayer takes work. It takes discipline and courage to cut through all the little things that distract our minds and hearts to arrive at a sacred and productive silence.

I have some good days and I have some terrible days when I attempt to enter into silent prayer. However, the more I try, the better I get.

I Am Not in Charge

When I’m at my best in silent prayer, I get an overwhelming feeling that I am not in charge. While that sounds cliché, it seems to me that this simple mindset is the remedy to my stress, heartache, and anxiety. Day to day I get tricked into believing that my daily tasks, obstacles, and struggles are bigger than they are. Some days I even feel cheated that people don’t recognize them or validate them, but my prayer puts things into the proper perspective. I get a profound sense that God is in charge and that life is mysterious. And no matter what struggles come my way, God has a way to redeem them. I like to think that I trust God, but silence helps me to live that trust.

Deeper Prayer

God isn’t some “thing” we can quantify; God is mystery. Silence is one of the most profound ways to dive deeper into the mystery that is God. I’ve grown to appreciate this idea through St. Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises. For 30 weeks I was asked to sit in silence for one hour a day while using my imagination to contemplate the Scriptures. I was hesitant at first, but it made sense that if God worked through all things (a very basic and popular Ignatian concept), God certainly worked through my imagination.

It was then that I realized the true beauty of silent prayer. Every week I was given a set of Bible verses to contemplate. More than that, I was asked to imagine myself within the Bible stories. It was there that I “met” God for the first time. He revealed himself to me in a number of creative ways that made me seek God more, ways that fueled my desire to know God more deeply.

Ironically, my silent prayer was incredibly loud, interactive, and engaging. It was also emotional and intimate. The silence allowed God to speak to my heart in mysterious ways. Through those 30 weeks of the Spiritual Exercises, I interacted with God in ways that I never thought possible. We shared intimate moments and furthered our relationship. In my Scripture contemplations, Jesus treated me as one of his disciples and entrusted me with tasks to further his mission. He trusted me. He embraced me. He stuck up for me. He loved me. The silence was a sacred space for me to be with Jesus.

For me, this is the power of silent prayer: it creates a deeper relationship with an infinite and mysterious God. It takes us down a path that ultimately leads to a deep friendship

By Jurell Sison

Silence Will Improve Your Sales Pitch:

Trying to sell something can be awkward. No one wants to hear the dreaded “no thanks”, but an easy way to make a better sale is to stop talking after you pitch your product. Chattering away afterwards can make your listeners less likely to agree to what you proposed. Talking on and on takes away their opportunity to give an answer, and makes you appear less confident.

Although it’s nerve-wracking to wait for approval or rejection, Jon Steinberg, CEO of Daily Mail, says the best pitches are brief: “If you just keep talking, they won’t respond, you’ll conclude and they’ll just thank you and you’ll leave. This is the worst of all pitch meetings. Less is more. … Drop the mic and wait for responses.”silence-is-golden-why-keeping-quiet-work-is-actually-good-thing.w1456

When you keep your mouth shut, you’re gently giving your audience control over the conversation. This pause forces them to start talking. A few moments of awkward silence, and they’ll feed the need to fill the void. Your listener will share feedback, ask questions, and most importantly, respond to your pitch.

Silence Will Help Your Coworkers Grow

Whether you love your coworkers or can’t stand them, staying silent at various times throughout the workday will help your team grow stronger as a unit. If you tend to know all the answers and your coworkers are a bit slower on the uptake, hold back and let them figure things out for themselves.silence-is-golden-why-keeping-quiet-work-is-actually-good-thing.w1456 (1)

No, the point isn’t to let them fail. Instead, you’re allowing them to come up with proposals and solutions that they might not otherwise have the chance to. When you, the most vocal idea-sharer, stay quiet, you offer your coworkers the space to share their own (even if they have to share a few terrible ones first).

Silence Will Help You Get Noticed

Staying quiet can also be an attention-grabbing move: if you sit silently at a meeting, others will notice and call you out on this, asking you for your opinion. When this happens, everything you say holds more weight.

While you might not like keeping your genius ideas quiet, letting go of the spotlight and taking a moment to sit quietly can increase your credibility and power in the office. As Mark McNeilly of Fast Company writer says, if you spend an entire meeting blabbing away about your ideas and suggestions, others quickly get tired of hearing your voice, while silence gives you increased power.

Silence Will Make Your Speeches More Engaging

If you’re looking to engage with your audience and really make your words stick, slip short, silent pauses into your speeches to win the audience over and have them hanging on your every word.silence-is-golden-why-keeping-quiet-work-is-actually-good-thing.w1456 (2)

Andrii Sedniev, creator of the Magic of Public Speaking system, says it’s important to pause within the first few seconds of your speech. Sedniev equates speaking immediately after being introduced with jumping into conversation with someone without saying “Hi”. Beginning with a quick moment of silence before launching into your prepared remarks acknowledges the audience and gives you a second or two to take in the task before you.

Source :Why Keeping Quiet at Work Is Actually a Good Thing

So we truly say that : SILENCE IS INDEED GOLDEN so endeavor to practice the act of keeping Silence for some times for your own good Thanks.


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