Community News: Ndon Eyo II; Etinan, Akwa-Ibom State


Ndon Eyonyin

May 1 at 1:06pm ·


Happy New month to you all, may God cause this month of May to become the month of MANY good things in OUR LIVES in Jesus name.

The information reaching our NEWS ROOM this afternoon has it that, the chairman of the care taker committee of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Development Etinan local Government Council, has taken responsibility to conducting a general election that will produce candidates to fill and form a NEW CABINET MEMBERS for the unopposed Youth President Comrade Gabriel Christopher Ekarika, as it is always said that, a tree cannot make a forest.

The offices to be filled include the OFFICE OF THE: Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relation Officer (PRO), Secretary to the Youth Council Ndon Eyo II, and the Assistant secretary,
Our reporter from Ndon Eyo II also gathered that, MEMBERS OF NDON EYO II YOUTH BOARD OF TRUSTEE shall also be instituted on that same day. This Board of Trustee Members shall act as special advisers to the Youth President and his cabinet members.

To make this upcoming event a success, the youth of Ndon Eyo II is appealing for a financial support from all branches of Ndon Eyo II Youth nationwide and other organizations and individuals who would always support the youth any day.
They said they rely solely on the support from Lagos Branch, Port Harcourt Branch, Uyo Branch, Opinion Leader of Ndon Eyo II, and Lovers of Christ Foundation.

According to the youth, the major things needed here include 5 canopies, 100 chairs, 5 tables, some crates of bottle drinks, jars of palm wine, disposable cups, straws, serviette and at least 5 representatives from each of these branches to witness the election and the confirmation of these candidates. They also promised to forward the contesting candidates for the above mentioned post and offices after the Village Council Meeting (VCM) with the Youth President and the Village Head on Wednesday, 3rd of May, 2017.

In another development, when our correspondent went round the village asking people to talk their minds on who they think should be elected or appointed as members of Ndon Eyo II Youth Board of Trustee, the following names were mentioned randomly.

They were Mr. Monday Hilary ( Uyo), Mr. Christian Hanson (Etinan), Mr. Joseph Eventus (Calabar) Mr. Christopher Effiong( Ndon Eyo II) Mr. Sylvester Ekarika( Etinan) Mr. Benedict Moran( Ndon Eyo II) Mr. Jeremiah Edem( Lagos) Mr. Godwin Sunday Ifot( Port Harcourt) Mr. Marcatin Akpan (Port Harcourt) Mr. Joseph Friday Johnny( Port Harcourt) Mr. Donatus Akpan ( Port Harcourt) Mr. Saturday Brendan( Ndon Eyo II) and others.


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5You, Eventus Justice, Jimmy Samuel and 2 others


Aniefiok Dominic Timothy

Aniefiok Dominic Timothy Seriously, this will be the first of its kind. Thank God that it will be happening in Ndon Eyo II. I just want to beg my brothers and sisters, we know say Nigeria economy dey very bad but we need to support this youth financially, My N500 and your N50…See More
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· Reply · May 1 at 8:49pm

Eventus Justice

Eventus Justice It is a good thing to support the youth but the date of the event should be told on time so that we can plan ahead of it. I LOVERS OF CHRIST FOUNDATION shall support the youth for this their event with N… Thank you.
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· Reply · May 1 at 10:07pm

Imeh Sylvester Umoh

Imeh Sylvester Umoh This is a sign of good things to come to Ndon Eyo II. Supporting this event is our civic responsibility and like Eventus Justice has said the date of the event should be communicated to us on time. As a lone reneger here in Abuja I will also support t…See More
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· Reply · May 2 at 9:09am

Eventus Justice

Eventus Justice You have spoken well
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· May 2 at 3:56pm

Imeh Sylvester Umoh

Eventus Justice

Eventus Justice I join voice with my right hand man. Bro. Imeh Sylvester Umoh. to welcome the suggested members of the Youth Board Of Trustee.
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· Reply · May 2 at 4:17pm

Imeh Sylvester Umoh


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