Why Nigeria-produced rice is more expensive than imported ones – Agric Minister. Isn’t this a Shame to APC Gov.?

The Minister that said most of the imported rice are from Vietnam, India and Thailand. Thailand subsidies the export of rice, the minister said.Bags of rice

Mr. Ogbeh, while responding to questions at a Town Hall meeting in Abuja, said one of the major reasons was that most of the imported rice was subsided by the foreign governments.

He said most of the imported rice are from Vietnam, India and Thailand. Thailand subsidies the export of rice, the minister said.

He explained that the imported rice arrive at about 9,000 per bag, and are then sold at about N13,000 per bag to consumers unlike the local rice sold at about N16,000 per bag.

Mr. Minister can you please tell us where to get a bag of Imported Rice at N13,000 per bag? And what has Nigerian Government Subsidies for her citizens?  

Mr. Ogbeh also lamented the interest rates for farming loans.

“Our interest rates in this country is higher that the interest rate in most parts of the world,” he said.

Another reason for the high cost of local rice, the minister said, is the price of diesel to run generators in the farms. “Diesel went from N180 per litre to N300,” he said. Then I ask  the Minister, isn’t this too, another failure of APC Government?


The minister said the federal government was very concerned about the high cost of local rice and he would be having a meeting with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo and Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun to discuss rice prices among other matters- 
For how long would APC GOV. keep on Promising Nigerian ? I will like APC GOV. to know that Nigerian are Sick and Tired of

“We Would, We Are Going To, We are Having Meetings, We Will Set Up a Comity”

The federal government through its Anchor Borrowers Programme has invested billions of naira in assisting mainly local rice farmers, with rice being the country’s most consumed food.

“In the next one month, you’ll have Nigerian rice in the shop at the best price we’ve ever had,” the minister said.

On till  Nigerian Government take take the issue of Subsidy seriously and task the rich to feed the poor against tasking the poor to feed the rich Nigerian system of Government. The poor masses has no hope in this Country. Can the Government point to what good one good policies they have have crated that are benefiting to the poor positively?

While Serious countries are Subsidizing their God’s given resources for the Benefit of  their citizens in other to narrow the gap between the rich  & the poor, my county  Nigeria is milking  the poor to keep on their gluttonous life style going. 


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