Direct Bank Saver (DBS) News Alert: No More Going Back to Poverty With DBS. Call or WhatApp: 08060366379 for More Info.

DBS 2July 10th News Alert

Activations and payout of bonuses/Commissions are ongoing… DBS has made bonus/commission payouts to individual marketers’ respective bank accounts since Friday and there seems to be delay in delivery due to the banks’ network issue… Please be patient and allow the banks resolve the issues. We will continue to make all efforts to initiate bonuses/commission transfers to your respective accounts daily.

…Remember that you can always trade your funds / e-Cash in your DBS back-office finance area for quick activation of new subscribers using DBS platform – Please intimate your team/group of this update… Do not send emails regarding the subject, as you are aware, it slows down our process to respond to other members faster… No more going back to poverty with DBS.

Get to Direct Bank Saver

And on the top right hand corner you will see this. DBS INSTROCTIONS

Where you see Enter DBS Marketing ID To Enter. Type Simeh in the Space, and click enter, the look at the top you will see Lonin DBS INSTROCT

Its will take you to this place DBS INSTROCTIONS1

The Click on the the Read letters: Click Here To Register. Now the Registration Form.


After the Registration, DBS will sent you a Congratulatory Massage to your Email.


That’s the confirmation of Successful Registration. Then Call or WhatApps 08060366379 for Activations of your Account.



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