DBS: Step By Step On How To Register and Pay for Activation. 08060366379

Go to directbanksaver.com, It will take you to this place. 

  1. In the space bar where you see “Enter DBS Marketing ID To Continue” Type Simeh , as you can see in the picture, and click enter.
  2. It will take you to this place 

Click on the link that says ” Click Here To Start Registration Process “. It will take you to here. 

4. Here you begins registration. First. In the place you see NEW SUBSCRIBER ID: …. Start with your ID, and if after you finish it fails, know that that ID has been taken. You have to add or remove some later or chose another ID.

  1. After finishing your Registrations you summit it by clicking here

ClickRegister and you will get a confirmation email that your registration was Successful.
CongregationYou are a Registered Membered of DBS. Now payment for Activation. 

How to Pay For DBS Activation:

To make payment deposit at the bank – Please follow these steps:Step 1: You must fill the online registration from first and have your DBS subscriber/marketing ID

  • Step 2: Go to the bank : 
  • Fidelity Bank, (current account)
  • Name: Direct Business Associate and Account 
  • Number:  5600321949)

Step 3: Put the new subscriber ID as depositors nameStep 4: It will be activated after verification and confirmationStep 5: Send email with the subject: Deposit ID name (ID name for Activation)To make payment via online transfers for yourself, friend or family members – Please follow these steps:Step 1: You must fill the registration form first to have your marketing / Subscriber IDStep 2: Make an Online transfer or mobile transfer using the new ID as Remark/narrationStep 3: You must send: The Payee full names as the (Subject) of the email to activation@directbanksaver.com.E.g:Subject: Williams Adams (ID: Willydbs)Step 4: In the body of the email, include:                     The Account Name of the Payer:                     The Subscriber ID:                     The Subscriber Full names                     The Payment ScreenshotStep 5: (if no proof of payment sent via email, No activation will be done).We thank you again for buying one of our e-books / e-productsTo fund your DBS Marketing ID for instant activation for ten or more marketing IDs and above send email to: finance@directbanksaver.comAgain, note that all activation is within 24hours subject to confirmation of payment by DBS team.

Yours Sincerely,

DBS Team


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