Hackers find flaws in German election vote-counting softwareA trio of hackers has warned that Germany’s vote-counting software is extremely vulnerable to multiple attacks three weeks before the federal election. But fears of Russian intervention appear to be exaggerated.


A laptop screen with a jumble of green text (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Fohringer)

Germans got one more reason to be paranoid about potentialRussian intervention in the upcoming electionon Thursday, when a report was published that exposed massive security gaps in the software used to tally the vote counts across the country’s 299 voting districts.

IT specialists Thorsten Schröder, Linus Neumann and Martin Tschirsich analyzed the software PC-Wahl created by vote iT, a German company that claims the organizational software is used in “all the large German states for local district elections, state elections, Bundestag elections, European elections, and referendums.”

The alarming analysis finding a variety of weaknesses was independently corroborated by the hacker organization Chaos Computer Club, which also discovered more flaws.

Creating chaos

The trio of analysts came to the conclusion that while the final election results could not be changed – since they are checked by hand – the on-the-night preliminary results that politicians first react to and are used in the media could easily be altered, potentially creating massive uncertainty in the country.

Russian hackers cartoon

German security forces have warned against Russian hackers affecting the election

“Let’s say we give the AfD [right-wing Alternative for Germany] 20 percent, and all their supporters are celebrating, and then two days later all the people who helped with the election stand up and say, ‘Wait a moment, this is not the result that I counted,'” speculated Neumann. “The officials would have to declare the official result as invalid, and there would have to be another election. We’d probably have people with pitchforks in the streets. Think of the damage that would be done to general trust in democracy.”

Germany’s elections are fairly transparent and analog – voters are only allowed to vote with pen on paper, not with digital voting machines, all counting takes place by hand in the 70,000 or so voting locations, and counting is open to the public.

But when local voting districts pass on their results to the state election administrator, each state has its own rules about how those results are transmitted – either by phone, fax or with computers. They are eventually passed on to federal election administrator Dieter Sarreither.

Spare time hacking

Neumann underlined how easy it had been for him and his friends to hack the software, and added that hackers would only need to begin infecting the relevant computers a few days before the election. According to a report in Die Zeit newspaper, some of the software code was so old that one of the analysts found passwords to parts of it on the internet.

“We did this in our spare time,” he said. “Everybody’s worried about state sponsors and professional hackers – if we can do this in a couple of evenings of sitting around in our apartments, you can imagine how easily this could be accomplished by a state actor.”

The company vote iT did not respond to a DW request for comment, but told Der Spiegel that there were “no security-relevant weaknesses in the software.” Nevertheless, Neumann pointed out that his team had informed the company of its findings — and had noticed that it had since begun to fix them.

Vladimir Putin (Reuters/S. Karpukhin)

Analysts wonder what Putin would have to gain by hacking the German election

“When they now say they are not aware of any vulnerabilities, that is a very questionable statement,” he said.

But what’s the point?

For his part, federal election administrator Sarreither said a Russian attack on the German voting system remained “very unlikely.” That view is backed up by a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung from late August, which cited internal government analyses saying that a string of public warnings and the ensuing media interest in the issue had “scared the Russians off.”

Mark Galeotti, head of the Prague-based Center for European Security, had a similar take – suggesting that Russia had learned a lesson from theleaks that failed to derail Emmanuel Macron’s presidential election victory in France in the spring.

“I am perfectly willing to believe the Russians have that capability, but it’s harder to see why they might have the intent,” Galeotti told DW. “There is little to be gained and much to be lost by such an adventure. There would be no lasting impact on the outcome, and no obviously Putin-friendly candidate they might hope to elect. Moscow would likely only further harden German attitudes by such a move.”


German intelligence services ‘alarmed’ about potential Russian interference in elections

Ahead of 2017’s federal election, the head of Germany’s intelligence agency has raised concerns about Russia intervening in campaigns. Moscow has already been accused of “interfering” in the US and French elections. (16.11.2016)

FIFA condemns Russian hackers after leak of drugs database

Hackers Fancy Bears have released a list of failed drug tests by footballers from 2015 and 2016. They have also leaked the names of 25 players who received legal TUEs before the 2010 World Cup, including four Germans. (23.08.2017)

US lawmakers: Russia trying to ‘influence the US election’ through cyberattacks

Top Democrat lawmakers have accused Russia of trying to influence the US election through cyberattacks. The two House and Senate intelligence committee members have called on Russian President Putin to halt the hacks. (23.09.2016)

German intelligence ‘finds no evidence of Putin disinformation campaign’

Germany’s secret services have found little evidence that the Kremlin is directly trying to manipulate the country’s public opinion. But the leaked government report suggests that indirect methods may be at work. (07.02.2017)

So why did the #MacronLeaks hack fall flat in France?

Cyberattackers appear to have tried to disrupt Emmanuel Macron’s presidential bid by leaking a trove of emails. But the hackers were hamstrung by strong cyberdefenses and French voters’ disdain for foreign meddling. (09.05.2017)

Vladimir Putin’s ‘freelance artist’ hackers

Hardly a day goes by without hearing about Russian hackers. After sparking controversy during the US election, they have been implicated in the Qatar crisis. An IT expert tells DW how Russia became a hacking superpower.


Why Germany’s culture scene is calling for its own government ministry 31.08.2017

Deutschland Angela Merkel im Barberini Museum

As Germany heads to the polls on September 24, the country’s leading cultural organization is appealing for its own chair at the table – and a swift conclusion to Berlin’s controversial Humboldt Forum museum project.

Angela Merkel’s challenger Martin Schulz unveils plan for ‘modern Germany’ 16.07.2017

Berlin SPD-Kanzlerkandidat Schulz präsentiert Zukunftsplan

SPD leader Martin Schulz has called for Germany to use its budget surplus for domestic and EU-wide investment. The pitch is an attempt to revive the SPD’s chances against Chancellor Merkel in September’s election. 

German intelligence services ‘alarmed’ about potential Russian interference in elections 16.11.2016

Symbolbild Cyberattacke Bundestag

Ahead of 2017’s federal election, the head of Germany’s intelligence agency has raised concerns about Russia intervening in campaigns. Moscow has already been accused of “interfering” in the US and French elections.

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Fresh Trouble For Akwa Ibom State Deputy Governor.

This Is Akwa Ibom


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N-Power reveals what volunteers of N-Teach must do before August 31

N-Power reveals what volunteers of N-Teach must do before August 31


Aug 23, 2017 11:32 AM

The N-Power scheme has given latest update on its N-Teach programme.

The empowerment scheme said N-Teach volunteers who are yet to write their test and have no BVN issue should log on to its website because the assessment test closes on August 31.

A statement on its website reads, “If you applied for N-Teach and you haven’t written your test and your BVN records match your application, please log in to write your assessment tests. Assessment tests close on the 31st of August, 2017.”

The scheme had earlier announced a new method of fishing out volunteers collecting its stipend while also in another employment. 

The scheme said the federal government empowerment programme was solely for unemployed graduates.

For this reason, it said those already employed should stay off.

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Restructuring: Resource Control has Gone Global. Southern Nigerians take agitation to UK

Restructuring: Southern Nigerians take agitation to UK


Aug 22, 2017 4:42 PM

Click for Full Image Size

Southern Nigerian groups have resolved to take the agitation for the restructuring of the country to United Kingdom with a maiden international summit.

To that end, an inaugural meeting for the campaign is being held today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

The groups involved in the Diaspora agitation for restructuring are South East /South South Network, Afenifere Renewal Group UK, Bendel Foundation and Igbo Ekunie Initiative. ‎

In a statement issued by the groups and signed by Coordinator, Dr Philip Idaehor, the Southern groups would use the medium to draw the attention of the international community to the need for restructuring the country for better performance.

According to the groups, the meeting will be‎ first in a series of round-table consultations to deliberate on the way forward for Nigeria following the defeat of constitutional amendments aimed to restructure the federation at the National Assembly.

“The round-table series will be a platform to ponder on various problems bedevilling the country since attaining independence and fashion out ways out of the country’s age long crisis”, the statement said.

“Planned to be a quarterly event in the Diaspora, the round-table Southern Nigerians summit ‎will address various issues facing the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and at the end of the meeting, the groups will come up with memorandum that will be submitted to National Assembly”, the statement concluded.

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JAMB pegs varsity admission cut-off mark at 120 – Punch Newspapers

JAMB pegs varsity admission cut-off mark at 120

JAMB registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede.

According to punch corespondent, Adelani Adepegba , Abuja

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board on Tuesday pegged the minimum cut – off mark for admissions into universities at 120 .

The decision was taken in collaboration with Vice Chancellors , Rectors and Provosts of higher institutions in the country at a combined policy meeting on admissions into universities , polytechnics and other higher institutions in Nigeria , in Abuja , on Tuesday .

The stakeholders also adopted 100 as the minimum cut -off mark for admission into polytechnics.

They agreed that admission into first choice universities should close on October 15 while December 15 , 2017 was set as the closing date for second choice admission by institutions .

JAMB Registrar , Prof . Is -haq Oloyede said universities , with the decision, are not to go below the minimum 120 cut -off points adopted by the meeting for admissions .

He called for the adoption of flexible cut -off marks for admission processes by higher institutions in the country .

He said , “What JAMB has done is to recommend ; We will only determine the minimum , whatever you determine as your admission cut -off mark is your decision.

“The Senate and academic boards of universities should be allowed to determine their cut -off marks .”

The Registrar said the board discovered over 17 ,160 illegally admitted students by higher institutions , adding that the body has regularized some of them .

He said , “30 % of those in higher institutions do not take JAMB or have less than the cut – off marks .

“The admission process is now automated with direct involvement of the registrar of JAMB for final approval .

“We have agreed to regularize admissions that were done under the table this year . From next year we will not accept anything like that. ”

Minister of Education , Adamu Adamu described as a mistake, the Federal Government ’s ban on tests conducted by universities after the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations .

He explained that post-UTME was banned because it had become an avenue for corruption .

Adamu however encouraged higher institutions to conduct aptitude tests for candidates seeking admission , and pegged the fee for the test at N 2000.


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Popular Nigerian actresses who have been warned against smoking but can’t quit 

Popular Nigerian actresses who have been warned against smoking but can’t quit


Aug 21, 2017 1:00 PM

Smoking, though it is an unhealthy and life threatening practice is quite popular worldwide. In Nigeria, the habit is becoming rampant, especially among celebrities. Female celebrities, specifically, have increasingly resorted to what may seem as a distasteful act to some. These females smoke either for fun or for escape. Popular among smokers usually go for cannabis, cigarettes, and the new craze, shisha. In this article we will examine some popular female Nigerian celebrities who participate in the act. If you are interested, continue reading this article.

Nigerian female celebrities that smoke

While conducting research, I discovered that majority of smokers are men. I also found out, even though it was quite obvious, that it is more socially acceptable for men to smoke than for women. Females who smoke, begin to do so to feel a sense of calm and ease, in other words, they smoke ultimately to de-stress in the most cases. Other times, they smoke for fun and due to peer pressure. In Nollywood, the attention received can be quite overwhelming. It is no surprise that females are more emotional when compared to men, and as a result, they handle criticism and negative attention very differently. As a result of the overwhelming scrutiny and attention, they tend to look for an escape, something that would make them calm and forget all about it for a while.

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Celebrities, whether they accept it or not, are role models, especially to the younger generation. Due to the fact that they are so influential, the responsibility to be careful and demonstrate a positive and responsible character is automatically placed upon them. Below is a list of some of the beautiful and famous Nigerian ladies who have picked up the smoking trend.

Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie

I am not surprised. Are you? It is quite evident that Angela is a diva and a boss at everything she does. Well seasoned into the industry with over a hundred films, I am not surprised that she tried smoking and still is enjoying the practice.

Annie Macaulay-Idibia

Annie Macaulay-Idibia

A wife and mother of three, Mrs. Idibia is also a model, presenter, and actress. She enjoys a good smoke.

Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya

She has said it herself, motherhood has not changed her one bit. If her children can not change her, what makes you think her husband can? He came, saw and accepted her for who she is. Ayo is a multiple award winner and nominee, she continues to be the same person we know her to be and she too enjoys smoking every now and then.

Bimbo Akitola

Bimbo Akitola

This popular actress has secured a name for herself in the film industry. She has made appearances in Owo Blow, Out of Bounds, and Husbands of Lagos. Among her talents, smoking has made its way onto the list. It has been rumored that because of smoking, the forty-seven year old was on the “singles” market for quite some time. If she continues, she might be left on the market for another decade, but for her sake, I hope someone comes along to accept for who she is or that she quits and settles down.

Bimbo Oshin

Bimbo Oshin

Smoking has never distracted Bimbo Oshin from her dreams and goals. The happily married nominee of multiple awards including Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actress of the Year and Best Female Indigenous Actor enjoys a smoke or two in her leisure time.

Binta Ayo Mogaji

Binta Ayo Mogaji

Popularly known as Igbanladogi, this troubled actress is a legend in the industry and a legendary smoker. Regrettably, this actress’ habits are too old to die out.

Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor

Actress, producer, video vixen, and singer, Cossy Orjiakor has an outgoing and fun personality. It is no surprise that she is a smoker. A girl like her seems to love experimenting. I am not shocked at the fact that she tried it and liked it.

Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa

Dayo is a modern day phenomenal woman who has many achievements under her belt. She is the winner of the Best Lead Actress and Best Film Award 2013 at the Best of Nollywood Awards and Yoruba Movie Academy Awards, respectively. Smoking is her habit.

Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus

Known for her feature in the film “Jenifa”, this mother and wife who is also asthmatic picked up the act of smoking. Despite urges to quit smoking because of her illness, she continues as she finds it rather hard to resist.

Fathia Balogun

Fathia Balogun

Though she is a heavy smoker, this mother of three does not smoke in the presence or surroundings of her children. Much respect to her for preserving her children’s health from second-hand smoke.

Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji

Looks can be deceiving. At first glance, Genevieve Nnaji may not have been seen as the kind of woman who would put a cigar in her mouth. Well, things are not always what it seems. This beautiful Nigerian actress and winner of the Best Actress in a Leading Role 2015 at the Africa Movie Academy Award, smokes privately.

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

Halima has been acting since 2001. So no, this is not a surprise either.

Ini Edo

Ini Edo

Absolutely no shame. Ini Edo smokes publicly and even in private and she loves it!

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson

I guess almost all female actresses have skeletons in their closets. Mercy Johnson, mother of three has also been added to the list of smokers. Though we are not sure if she does it secretly from her children but her husband is also a smoker. If the children are not enough to cause her to quit then I doubt her husband and smoking partner would be of much help, unless he quits too and they support each other.

Nse Ikpe

Nse Ikpe

Naturalist Nse Ikpe knows and appreciates her roots. This fearless wife has won our hearts through the many different characters she played in her films. Some of my favorite movies with her were Reloaded, Mr. and Mrs., and A Trip to Jamaica.

Oge Okoye

Oge Okoye

Being a mother these days is just like another major accomplishment. It does not change much personality wise when you are a smoker, except during your pregnancy. Oge Okoye has been married since 2005 and has been blessed with two lovely children. I hope that, for their sake and health, she does not smoke around them. I can not speak about smoking in front of her husband, however.

Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic

Rita, apart from being drop dead gorgeous, is courageous and carefree. She has absolutely nothing to hide when it comes to smoking. She is proud and not ashamed of who she is and what she does. Rita loves to smoke and she is comfortable with smoking in both public and private.

Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus

Despite an innocent face, Stella is a little rebellious when she wants to be. I would say she has an alter ego who loves to have fun when it is called for and love to relax when it is necessary. Her alter ego also loves to smoke.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh

Multi-talented indeed. Tonto Dikeh does anything she puts her mind to, apart from being an actress, she is also a singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. She created quite a stir in the entertainment industry with controversial adult scenes that were alien to the film industry back then, at the beginning of her career and continues to do so today. Tonto loves to smoke cannabis as well.

Toyin Aimakhu

Toyin Aimakhu

Toyin has a vibrant personality and is addicted to smoking. Unlike some of the others, Toyin has tried to quit but soon became a prisoner of the harmful habit again.

Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo

Actress, screen-writer, and film producer is just a few achievements Uche is popularly known for. Although we know that she smokes, she does so out of the public and her husband’s eye.

From the information gathered above, it seems to me that smoking is also linked to the time spent in the entertainment industry. Though it is an unhealthy practice, we have a clearer understanding as to why these females resort to smoking. I think it is safe to say, the longer you are in the entertainment industry, the more prone you are to experimenting. For many Nigerian celebrities, smoking is a way to escape the intense work load and to de-stress from the busy schedule at home and work.

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​JAMB delists management courses in seven universities EDUCATION





Daily Post Nigeria


JAMB delists management courses in seven universities







The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has delisted management courses of some universities in its current admission brochure.

They are Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Modibbo Adamawa Federal University of Technology, Yola (MAUTY), Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) and University of Agriculture, Makurdi (UAW).

This is sequel to an order by the federal government that the universities of Agriculture and Technology should stop running management courses and focus on their core mandates.

The directive was issued by the Ministry of Education after it was approved recently by the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

JAMB’s spokesperson, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, explained that the decision to delist the programmes was not taken by the Board as being suggested by the some staff and students of the universities affected.

“It was a ministerial decision based on FEC meeting and as an agency of government, we are to implement government decisions.,” he told Sun.

“So, in the concluded Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the concerned institutions did not field candidates.”

Meanwhile, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the House Committee on Tertiary Education have queried the directive.

Reacting, ASUU FUNAAB chairman, Dr. Adebayo Oni, said the national body of the union was aware of the government decision but noted that it was done without proper consultation with affected universities and stakeholders.

He said: “FUNAAB branch took the issue to our zonal branch meeting which reported same at the national level. The delisting of the programme was done in haste and it is illegal by JAMB.

“The courses were accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and relevant bodies. University vice-chancellors were not carried along.”


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